Cruisin The Hood

We had the chance to take Ballymack out for a few days and the weather was incredible. Light winds from the Northwest allowed anchorage in bays that are normally open to the more prevalent south easterlies that frequent the PNW.

We spent a few days in Tribune bay, Hornby Island. The island is unique geologically  and some might say culturally as well. The folks living full time on the island have a very strong sense of community which I must say, is nice to see in this crazy world. There are estimates that the full time residents number 1000 and this number swells in the 2 summer  months to approximately 10,000.

Each evening was a treat as the sun retreated from the sky. The colours seemed to become more vibrant as she dipped towards the horizon, and then, with what seemed to be a final burst of colour, she relinquished her place above to the grip of night.








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