Adventures with Ballymack

Monthly Archives: August 2019

We had the chance to take Ballymack out for a few days and the weather was incredible. Light winds from the Northwest allowed anchorage in bays that are normally open to the more prevalent south easterlies that frequent the PNW. We spent a few days in Tribune bay, Hornby Island. The island is unique geologically  and some might say culturally as well. The folks living full time on the island have a… Read More

  Ballymack is a serious offshore cruising vessel no doubt, however, it has been awhile since she has been given a full upgrade on her navigation suite. With this in mind, I set out to bring Ballymack into the 21st century. Upgrades include: Furuno TZTL2 15F MFD at the navigation table below decks. Furuno TZTL2 12F MFD at the outside helm Pod and mini pods at outside helm AIS FLIR- M625L. A… Read More

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