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It ‘s official. We now own Ballymack. As I write, Denise is on her way to drop the keys to Soul Balladeer with Jim. This has been quite an undertaking but it is no doubt the best way forward for all involved. Soul Balladeer will be everything Jim is hoping for, I’m sure. Ballymack, is a gorgeous yacht and we are looking forward to hoisting her sails this summer and feeling her… Read More

Back in the early 90’s, I fell in love with Hans Christians and eventually secured our first lady, Soul Balladeer in 2012. She is a HC 44 PH and we were the second owners of the little ship. The previous owner had ordered her from the factory and taken delivery in 1980. These vessels tend to become part of the family and for the next 3 decades the first owners of Soul… Read More

Casper’s Adventures

Two retired children and a bear seek adventure on a Monk 36 Trawler

Sailing Vessel KYAN II

The Sailing and Cruising Adventures of Two Retirees on the BC Coast